Flying into the Future


Over the past eleven years...

We are still standing and going strong! In the past eleven years we have grown to become a prominent figure in the breast cancer community.

  • Educated over 300,000 people

  • Provided over 1,600 free wigs

  • Served over 500 women with free mammograms

Filling the Gap

Susan G. Komen closed their doors in 2017 and no longer provide 50,000 free mammograms annually in Arizona.

Additionally, Covid placed financial and physical barriers to mammography. Moving forward, the need for our services will be vital.

Covid may have paused the world, but it did not pause breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer is still striking every single day!

wig recipients chart 2020.png
projected screenings.png

Mammography declined 80% and cancer diagnosis declined close to 50% in 2020. The medical community is expecting cancer to soar through 2030 due to the trickle effects of Covid with delayed/lack of screening, loss of insurance, decreased income, changes in lifestyle choices; diet, sedentary, lack of exercise, Vitamin D, increased alcohol, stress and more.

Source: Sonora Quest Diagnostics
Source: United Health
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