Free Mammogram Program



Our Mammogram Program provides FREE mammograms and all diagnostic testing necessary for diagnosis of breast cancer to qualifying women in Arizona. Clients apply online and, once approved, Check for a Lump is directly billed by the imagining company partners. We also host mammogram events through mobile mammography units. We have provided over 700 mammograms and diagnostic testings to local women in need.


Option 1: Free Mammogram From a Local Imaging Center

1. Apply online

2. Get approval via call or email

3. Book appointment with our imaging partner

4. Receive all testing necessary for diagnosis and Check for a Lump is billed


  • Applicants must be residents in Arizona 

  • Applicants must have a valid form of identification

  • Applicants must have a doctor's order for a mammogram

  • If you have received a mammogram elsewhere, and are in need of further testing, you will not be eligible for our program


Option 2: Free Mammogram From a Mobile On-site Mammography

                  (Must be 35+ for a Mobile Screening)

1. Attend one of our Mobile On-site Mammography events

2. Receive mammogram results 2 - 3 weeks after screening

3. If you received abnormal results from your mammogram, fill out the Mammogram Application above to receive all tests necessary for diagnosis and Check for a Lump is billed

To schedule an appointment at an event, please call: (480)-967-3767 or 1(800)-285-0272 walk-ins patients are welcomed, appointments preferred. For no waiting time :)


Please bring the following information to the event:

  • Insurance card (if you have insurance) and I.D.

  • Doctor's name and address

  • Location of any prior mammogram images


  • Applicants must live in Arizona

  • Applicants must have a form of idea ​​

  • Applicants must attend the Mobile On-site Mammography event

Option 3: Not Eligible For Our Programs?

Refer to some of the additional resources in Arizona