Breast Screening Guidelines 


Screening Guidelines


We strongly recommend you perform monthly self-exams in to order to be "BREAST AWARE" - the new common term. Having a regular schedule to check for changes in your breasts helps you know what is normal for you, and potentially discover an abnormality earlier. While attending the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting we heard esteemed Dr. Laura Esserman of the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center speak and share the fact that 70% of breast cancer is detected from a woman finding a palpable mass on her own – something you can feel, touch, see. We polled our breast cancer wig clients and 69% reported to find breast cancer through a self-exam. The Young Survival Coalition reported that 80% of young women find breast abnormalities on their own. Check for a Lump!

Self Exam

While lying on your back, or in the shower, place your right hand behind your head. Check segments of your breast at a time using the pads of your fingers firmly pressing down. Screen in a clock pattern, for example twelve –  one o’clock from the top portion of your breasts towards your nipple. Repeat in the next segment 1-2 o’clock covering all of the breast tissue. Squeeze your nipple to check for discharge. Also check  for abnormalities in  your armpit as this is typically the first place cancer will travel to. Repeat the process on your left breast. If you find anything suspicious that does not go back to normal quickly you will want to follow up with your doctor.

Clinical Exam

While at your routine ob/gyn appointment, ask your doctor or health practitioner to preform a clinical exam. 12% of our wig clients with breast cancer discovered breast cancer through a clinical exam. A clinical exam takes only a few minutes and is absolutely free. It is one more line of defense. 

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 Our gratitude to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for sharing their expert knowledge to educate our                                           community. Please help in their efforts to improve breast health research and sign up for their Army of Women - a revolutionary initiative changing the face of breast cancer research. Their goals are:
• Recruit women and men of every ethnicity with and without a breast cancer diagnosis and those of high risk.
• Connect researchers with women and men who are willing to participate in breast cancer research studies.
• Challenge the scientific community to expand its current focus to include breast cancer prevention research conducted on people

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