Get active and stay healthy!!!

I am an avid hiker and cyclist. Partly because Olivia (my four-year-old Doberman) needs a great deal of exercise and partly because I believe in the long-term health benefits. I also like to read and one of the most interesting studies I read in 2019 appeared in the journal “The Breast.” A group of European researchers (1) reviewed and pooled the data from for the best 10 studies in the world on the effect of exercise on survival and recurrence. The data looked at over 23,000 breast cancer survivors and was conclusive. The more physically active group had a lower risk of death overall, a lower risk of death from breast cancer and a lower risk of recurrence when compared to the less active group. Imagine a 38% (2) reduction in the risk of cancer-specific mortality, with nothing more than regular physical activity. And that does not mean to you have to run a marathon, it simply means you are intentional about making time to exercise on a regular basis. A brisk walk on the greenbelt, a hike up Gateway, Cambelback or Pinnacle peak or a game of tennis. We live in a state that affords near year-round outdoor activity. GET ACTIVE AND STAY HEALTHY! —DR. MAHABIR

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