8 Years of Support and Over $300,000 Raised!

We are so grateful and excited to continue our relationship with the Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery. They have sponsored us for 8 years, and have renewed their sponsorship for 2021. They alone have fundraised over $300,000 for our nonprofit! Their assistance has helped Check for a Lump blossom into the prominent foundation we are today. Thank you to all the doctors at Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery for your continual support and generosity.

We highly recommend all of the doctors of Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery!

Gawley Plastic Surgery

Raman Mahabir

Snyder Plastic Surgery at the Breast and Body Center

Oasis Plastic Surgery & Skin Spa

Richard J Brown MD PLLC

Berardi Plastic Surgery

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Thank You To Our Annual Sponsors

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Check for a Lump

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