Biomarker Testing Is a Key Component Optimizing Cancer Treatment

What are Biomarkers?

  • Biomarkers are any substance, structure, or process that can be measured in the body or its products that influence or predict the incidence or outcome of disease. Biomarkers can be proteins, genes, or gene mutations.1

  • Biomarker tests are used to identify characteristics or targetable findings that may help guide treatments. Testing can be done on blood, tissue, or bodily fluids. Biomarker testing is currently available for some solid tumors and blood cancers.

Why is Biomarker Testing Important?

  • Results from predictive biomarker tests are used by providers to develop treatment plans and select a drug that is more likely to work against the cancer or avoid therapies unlikely to work.4

  • If the presence of certain genes are found through biomarker testing, targeted therapy may be selected for use. Targeted therapies are approved for over 30 types of cancer, including the top 10 most common cancers in the United States