New Clinical trial for Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients

Phoenix Molecular Designs is now recruiting patients for a Clinical Trial for Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients: PMD-026. For more information, visit or

There is a trial in your area at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. This particular study is that it is one of the first targeted drugs for metastatic TNBC. This study drug is given in pill form that can be taken at home making it easier for patients. They designed the study to limit trips to the hospital and there is funding for transportation for those who do not live near a study center.

With so many studies closing these days or have onerous and lengthy time commitments, this study is a breath of fresh air. Like someone is finally listening and creating something that allows women in Stage 4 to focus on their lives and not their treatment. See basic patient (IRB approved) information in PDF below.

Download PD • 1.98MB

Please share this with your community and reach out to me or better yet the company ( for more information.

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