SETTING THE STANDARD IN EXCELLENCE with Breast Reconstruction outcomes

Revision and Refinement of Breast Reconstruction

At the Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery, our mission has always been to set the

standard for breast reconstruction outcomes and overall patient experience. One of our founding

principles is a commitment to education - continued education for our providing surgeons, but also a passion for education of the community and clients that we serve. Not a day goes by that we are not

educating fellow physicians, patients, insurance companies, or the community at large about the latest trends,

advancements, and complexities of our challenging but exciting specialty.

Along those lines we find it important to emphasize to patients, physicians, and providers alike that breast reconstruction “always” requires multiples stages and often several surgeries over a patient’s lifetime to achieve and maintain a symmetric and acceptable reconstruction. Revision, or as we like to call it "refinement" breast surgery

is one of the most common types of breast reconstruction we perform. This is not surprising considering the number

of patients that have had breast reconstruction that will require correction of the initial results or simple refinement

or improvement of the reconstruction due to normal changes that occur with age, as well as cancer treatment related

deformities such as radiation, fat necrosis and atrophy, and implant shifting and malposition. Refinement and revision

reconstructive breast surgery continue to be a focus of our team at the Arizona Center for Reconstructive Breast Surgery.

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