Holly Rose Interview with Shoutout Arizona

Founder and CEO of Check for a Lump, Holly Rose, interviewed with SHOUTOUT ARIZONA. Read the interview below:

Hi Holly, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking

I think taking risks are what open up the possibilities to many different chapters in one’s life and the potential for growth. That is definitely the case for myself. However, in my opinion my risks were not indeed risks. They were merely actions I made with high enthusiasm and relentless optimistic thoughts of “I CAN.” My entire adult life has been a series of these actions and has given me many beautiful chapters in my life and a few I that were not so beautiful that I learned from. A few of my favorite risks that impacted my life immensely . . . I met my dream man on the beach at the age of twenty-two and I asked him to move in with me two weeks later – Risky? Yes! Twenty-nine years later he is still my dream man and father of our two beautiful girls. We then blindly moved to Las Vegas for a fresh start and opened our 1st vintage clothing store together while finishing college. That college summer we hopped in our car with $300 a trunk full of vintage clothing and stopped in cities along the way to sell our thrift store finds to other businesses. We made our way across the United States and back! Two years later we sold our business and made the leap to San Diego with a U-Haul filled our belongings and a dream to live by the beach. Luck was on our side and within twenty-four hours we found a beachside storefront with living quarters in the back. Highly risky move, but one of the best chapters of my life! After having our girls we played it safe and moved back to our hometown, Phoenix, Az. to be near family. I lived as risk free as possible when our girls were young. It wasn’t until after I battled breast cancer at the age of 39 that I took another giant risk – starting a breast cancer non-profit, Check for a Lump. This led me to explore paths I never would have dar