October Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Tax Credit Donation

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Tax Credit Donation

Make a tax credit donation to Check for a Lump to directly support your Arizona breast cancer community. Check for a Lump is a qualified charitable organization and 100% of your donation stays local.

Maximum Contributions:

$800 Married filing jointly

$400 filing Single

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*Donations to Check for a Lump count towards your donation in the Charitable Organization category

One Time Donation

A $250 donation will gift a free new wig to a breast cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.

A $150 donation will provide a free life-saving mammogram to a woman in Arizona.

A $50 donation will educate 50 people with cancer prevention tools and information.

A $25 donation will help us in the fight against breast cancer in Arizona.


Monthly Donation

Our monthly giving donation program, helps us carry out our mission and reach more of our Arizona community through donor support.

Make a secure online donation here, or mail your donation to Check for a Lump, 340 West Gleneagles Drive, Phoenix Arizona 85023.