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Sing Out! We are stronger together and stronger than Covid-19!

We are in difficult times. Covid-19 may have canceled just about everything, but not breast cancer! Your gift of $20 (or more) to our “Sing Out!” Fundraising Campaign will help us continue to provide free breast health education, mammograms, and direct assistance to breast cancer patients with wigs, support and resources. At the same time, it can bring much needed joy and a smile during this worrisome time. By sending a cheerful personalized video song we create to a friend, loved one or anyone you choose (including yourself), it can help them not feel as isolated and fearful. Today we received a call from a woman named Jennifer who found a lump in her breast and does not have insurance to cover her potentially life-saving mammogram. Jennifer lost her job in the restaurant industry due to the Coronavirus and she is worried how to pay for food for her and her kids. Now, she is also worried about how to find funds for a mammogram. Your gift will help us provide Jennifer, with a mammogram that could potentially save her life. Breast cancer impacts 1 in 8 women and there are many more women like Jennifer who are in need of our assistance. We also currently provide one new wig every single day to a woman undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was not in our budget to postpone our gala, and largest source of funding, so we need your help to sustain our invaluable breast health programs that impact the lives of Arizona women and their families. Our community needs your help now more than ever! So “Sing Out” with your donation. We will show our appreciation for all donations with a personalized song we create for you or someone you care about. $20 adds up to help sustain our programs

$150 will provide a woman with a life-saving mammogram

$250 will provide a woman battling breast cancer with a free new wig and sense of normalcy and dignity

$2,500 will provide all tests for one woman from screening to diagnosis Each Sing Out donation will receive a personalized one-minute video song for a friend you choose! You will be asked, following your donation, to fill out a brief questionnaire about the star in this video song. We will get creative from there and start composing your personalized song to ‘Sing Out!” We are stronger together and stronger than Covid-19! Sing Out! Sing Out loud! Please share our Sing Out campaign with others who may wish to give a song and a smile to someone special while making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Sending good health, positivity and vitality to you and the people close to you! Live and Give, Holly Rose

Sing Out! We are stronger together and stronger than Covid-19!
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