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Special thanks to all involved in Fashionably Pink!

We want to offer our deepest gratitude to Phoenix Fashion Week for bringing back Fashionably Pink! This is a very special night to every survivor on the runway as it is a survivor celebration! Phoenix Fashion Week goes above and beyond with a full team and rallies the community support to lifts our spirits. Tal Barkel Designs donned each survivor in exquisite jewels that made us feel like royalty. I’m not sure what sparkled more – the diamonds or our smiles. Tal Barkel graciously and generously offered to donate 5% of his sales for the month of October! Patti with the Glam Squad Couture took special care to find each one of us a dress we adored. Survivors fill up with tears as they walked out of the dressing room in a beautiful gown. At the end of the night she surprised us all and presented each survivor with the beautiful gift of the dress to take home saying, "Every woman needs a beautiful dress." Muze Beauty used their talents to paint our faces and highlight every feature. All of the women looked incredible! Personally, I’ve never had my eyes look so blue! Toni & Guy straightened, curled and sprayed until our hair was perfection!

Behind the scenes Phoenix Fashion Week provided an incredible team of support Brenna, Bianca, Vanessa and more to ensure we had everything we needed. During our preparations of glitz and glam the The Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump! booth was staffed with our rock star employees Laura Pentsa and Desire’e Hardge, the extraordinaire Lisa Mason aka Reba with Reba’s Visions who works like no other, and our lovely beehives girls to share our mission and programs. Ashley Ford with Kendra Scott provided a tower of jewelry to donate and brought along her generous spirit! Vendors in the Style Villa donated raffles, clothing items and kindness.

As I stood back stage ready to walk the runway many of the survivors thanked me for the experience with tears of gratitude in their eyes. The thanks is deserving of Phoenix Fashion Week and the generosity of the community, like Tal Barkel and Glam Squad Couture, and an entire team who made it a memory every survivor will treasure. When you go through breast cancer treatment you are beaten down physically and emotionally. Fashionably Pink offers women an uplifting moment to celebrate one’s survival and to celebrate our femininity and strength that cancer cannot take away from us. And celebrate we did! We walked, danced and even bravely strolled with a cane triumphantly! We are kicking cancer’s ass in style!

Our deepest gratitude to Brian Hill and Phoenix Fashion Week for offering survivors this once in a lifetime experience to treasure forever. We appreciate the platform to share our mission and the valuable programs we provide to our community with education, prevention, free wigs, mammograms and treatment. Our thanks for helping us and the fabulous Bobby D with Call to Auction/Marla Shumway and team raise over $15,000 in one night. Our thanks to each and every person who donated big and small, cash and in-kind. It all adds up to help sustain our programs to assist women in our community. Together we really are making a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

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