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A Gratitude-filled Thanksgiving for the Support of Check for a Lump

As the season changes from summer to fall, we find ourselves approaching a time of reflection, appreciation, and togetherness - Thanksgiving. This year, as we gather around tables filled with warmth, family, friends, and food, we are reminded of the community that surrounds us and we embrace the love and support that is shared, reflecting on it with immense gratitude. At Check for a Lump, we are particularly thankful for the unwavering support that has fueled our mission and vision to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to express gratitude for the blessings and support we have received throughout the year. At Check for a Lump, we are deeply grateful for the generosity and kindness shown by our community, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and partners. It is your generosity that allows us to continue our vital work in promoting breast health awareness and providing support to those in need.

We reflect on the stories of strength and resilience and are reminded of the importance of the work we do and the impact that it has within our community. Without the support we receive from all of you, we could not continue to provide for these women. We would like to share with you one of our client stories so that you too can see the impact you are making.

“When I found out I had breast cancer I was devastated, worried, and scared because I had just come out of the hospital after being there for three weeks because I almost died from an infection that affected my gallbladder, kidneys, and liver. I was already fighting for my life and getting my body healthier each day and now this. When finding out my treatment plan and one of them being that I will lose my hair because of my chemotherapy, my jaw dropped because I had thick long black hair and that was one of my features I was proud of. At the time I was working full time and my job in sales meant that I would be meeting with clients all day every day and not having hair when that time comes, I didn’t know what to do. I am so blessed that I was able to use this organization and without donations, this would not be possible.” ~ Samantha, wig client

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have stood by us in our mission, we recognize that it is through collaboration and unity that helps us to make such a large impact. To our dedicated volunteers who selflessly give their time, our donors who contribute generously, and our partners who share our vision, we express our deepest gratitude.

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, we also look forward to the future with hope and determination. The road ahead may be challenging, but with the continued support of our community, we are confident in our ability to make a lasting impact in the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

Check for a Lump is not just a nonprofit organization; it is a community bound together by compassion, shared purpose, and a commitment to making a difference. As we express our gratitude for the support we have received, we also renew our dedication to the people of our community, bringing them the services that are vital to their health and well-being. Together, we can create a future where the impact of this disease is minimized, and every individual has the opportunity for a healthier, brighter tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

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