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Fitz's supper club red carpet!

I had the privilege of meeting and talking with Larry Fitzgerald and Danielle Frost, Executive Director of The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation, in April during Fitz's Supper Club red carpet event. It truly was inspiring seeing all the people come out to support another amazing organization doing such important work for our community.

The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation supports breast cancer awareness and youth education. Events like Fitz's Supper Club, help them raise money for their much needed programs. We are excited to say that our missions on breast cancer awareness align very closely with each other.

The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation statement on breast cancer awareness is: "BREAST CANCER AWARENESS is an effort to educate communities about early detection, prevention, symptoms, treatments, resources and access surrounding a diagnosis. We are committed to providing resources for local organizations and nonprofits that make Breast Cancer Awareness a priority especially in communities that have been historically under-served."

Here at Check for a Lump we also help educate our community about early detection, prevention, symptoms, resources, and access surrounding a diagnosis. We strive to help the under-served communities with our free mammogram program for those who do not have insurance as well as giving easy access to breast health education and prevention through our free annual publication.


While on the red carpet with local news, radio, and magazine reporters, I was able to ask Larry and Danielle a couple of questions about their organization and possible collaboration with Check for a Lump. Here is what they had to say:

Interview with Larry Fitzgerald:

Ashley: Since we have similar missions for our breast cancer community, how can we work together to get the word out?

Larry: We pride ourselves on being collaborative. There is so much more possible when you work together for the same objective, your organization, my organization, and a lot of local organizations here are working to eradicate breast cancer. I would be more than willing and happy to work together.

Ashley: Is there one piece of advice you would give men and women when they're first starting out on that breast cancer journey.

Larry: I would say like self examination is very important because that could give you signs that your body is changing and make sure you go get checked by a physician. But really being diligent and checking yourself. In the morning I make sure that my body is what it was yesterday. Just being aware of how your body is changing sometimes gives you a unique opportunity to stay on top of yourself.

Interview with Danielle Frost:

Ashley: What made you get involved with the organization besides your personal breast cancer experience?

Danielle: I've been working with Larry for about 14 years producing some of his community events. So when I went through my own journey it was just such a big deal you know. Larry asked me if I would come and work to support the foundation. I was like "God must have something planned for me because this is so personal."

I know that every day somebody is fighting for their life and we can really help somebody navigate that journey so it's very personal to me. Over this journey, I have met so many amazing women, especially here in the valley with our Impact One teams and the American Cancer Society, the Coalition of Blacks Against Cancer, now we have you here representing. It's just been really a fierce journey to be able to connect with so many women that really appreciate the work and want to represent.

Ashley: Do you see a way that we are able to collaborate and work together?

Danielle: Yes, of course!


It was truly incredible and a huge honor to be able to speak with Larry Fitzgerald and Danielle Frost about The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation and possibly collaborating to bring more services and awareness to the valley here in AZ! Thank you and I look forward to working with you all!

To learn more about The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation, visit their website:

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