Gawley Gala raises $32,095!

This past weekend Dr. Gawley with Gawley Plastic Surgery and the MD Skin Lounge hosted his Annual Gawley Gala benefiting our non-profit, Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump! If I could choose one word to describe this year’s event it would be exquisite! I looked up the definition of exquisite to ensure I was adequately describing his gala in the manner I wished. I’d like to share with you definitions I came upon and my references to Dr. Gawley. Please keep in mind when I mention Dr. Gawley I am also referencing his lovely wife, Dr. St. Peter, and his incredible staff. All are exquisite!

Exquisite = Carefully sought out, chosen, ascertained, devised.

In appreciation, Dr. Gawley treated his guests to the Toro Latin Restaurant and Rum Bar. The restaurant offered breathtaking views, seductive lighting to whisk us away from our daily duties, delightful drinks, and flavorful Latin tapas with live music to make us sway. The Gawley Gala is just one example of carefully chosen décor, kindness, staff, and generosity on his behalf to offer a beautiful experience to all of his clients and our non-profit. His gift of appreciation to all was exquisite!

Exquisite = Of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence

It’s easy to see Dr. Gawley exudes every word in this definition. One conversation with him and his beauty inside and out emerges. I have spoken to many of Dr. Gawley’s breast cancer reconstruction patients and they all describe his mannerisms the same; filled with charm, kindness, care, and reassurance. In addition, he is remarkably skilled and his talents provide women the priceless gift of restoring her femininity and normalcy during a terrifying time in her life. In addition, he works with patients outside of cancer to enhance our beauty with his expertise. This is just one of the many reasons I’m honored to work with Dr. Gawley – His practice is exquisite!