Our Outreach is Saving Lives!

Woman motivated to do a breast self exam after reading our magazine and found breast cancer in the early stages. We are helping to save lives!

"Thank you so much for the great news. It has brightened my day. Just a little background that I will share. Twelve months ago I began taking my brother to chemo for his colon cancer. While going with him every two weeks the reading material was everywhere. In January I picked up one of your brochures as it was eye catching and I thought how wonderful they do this! More over it reminded me that I was due for a mammogram and to be honest I didn't do self checks. Well, that night I did and I found what I thought might be a lump as something felt different. Sure enough that was the beginning of my journey and thankfully I as well caught it early. I would have never thought it would be me as there has been no trace of breast cancer. Wig or no wig, thank you for having that brochure for me to read❤Thanks again for all you do!" Cheryl #check #earlydetection #dontbeachump #checkforalump

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