National Breast Cancer Coalition Project LEAD


Wow! My mind is ready to explode with new knowledge! This past week I had the esteemed privilege of participating in the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) Project LEAD six-day intensive course. The course dove deep into the science of cancer and even deeper into breast cancer. We were treated to presentations by leading breast cancer advocates, scientists, epidemiologists, oncologists, and had the opportunity to network with fellow advocates globally. I feel like I earned a mini-scientist degree!

Outside of cancer science we learned there is much work to be done to assist the breast cancer community. The NBCC has been working diligently to end breast cancer since 1991 through access, research and influence. The NBCC has 3 Legislative Priorities for 2019 that you can help influence and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.


Priority #1: $150 Million for the Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) for FY2020

Priority #2: Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act: A bill to waive the 24 month waiting period for Medicare eligibility and the 5 month waiting period for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for individuals with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Priority #3: Prevention of the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program


How can you help?

#1. Send an email to Senator McSally:

“As an Arizona resident. I ask if you would please let me know what steps are being taken to move the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act, S. 1374, forward, and also what we in Arizona can do to help. Thank you for being a leader on this critical issue, and we look forward to working together with you to get it enacted this Congress.”

#2. Send an email to you legislative representative:

Not sure how to find your member? Click here!