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5th Annual Gawley Gala Raises over $35,000!!!

For the past five years Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump! has been blessed to be the benefiting charity of the Gawley Gala hosted by Dr. Bryan Gawley and his wife Dr. Heather St. Peter. Every year I am filled with gratitude! I try my best to express my appreciation and I write a letter of thanks filled with words like generous, kind, caring, honored, and grateful. This year I had a new word to add to the mix . . . LUCKY!

Dr. Gawley sent out his invitation for his Gawley Gala and included a message regarding his newfound Unicorn Philanthropy. I read their introduction with their mission and vision statement, "The Unicorn's legend is cherished by young and old alike. Unicorns carry the qualities of love, peace, calm, gentleness, hope, majesty and caring. Considered virtuous, the Unicorn appears only to those with pure hearts or to those with missions of good. The mission of Unicorn Philanthropy is to help individuals with needs within our community and make their lives better. Unicorns also grant wishes and open doors for those who are ready to receive with gratitude, joy, and integrity."

Unicorn Philanthropy truly captures the essence of Drs. Gawley and St. Peter! After reading their message I felt lucky! Lucky to have humanitarians like them provide a pillar example in our local community. Lucky to be one of the many charities they support throughout the year. Lucky due to their generosity and loyal support that we have been able to make significant leaps in our breast cancer community to assist women in need. Lucky that through their kind and caring nature our clients who received a free wig, free mammogram or early detection found hope and peace.

While their Unicorn Philanthropy may be new they have embodied their vision all along. Like the legend of unicorns, Drs. Gawley and St. Peter, are pure at heart and on a mission of good. We are lucky to know them!

My deepest appreciation to Dr. Gawley, Dr. St Peter, their new partner, Dr. Mahabir, Sherri Farris, Jill Fredenberg and the entire team at Gawley Plastic Surgery and the Md Skin Lounge for helping raise over $35,000 for our community! We cherish you! You are making lives better in our community!

Live and Give,

Holly Rose

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